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The promotional gift of 2016!


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The promotional gift of 2016!

The excitement is building. We are on the eve of a wonderful European Cup. The expectations are huge, the tension is growing and everything is being prepared for an unforgettable feast of football. From this point on European Cup fever is irrepressible and in the coming months will hold the 24 participating countries firmly in its grasp. Fans want to be constantly kept up-to- date with what’s happening, wherever they are. Now the YOURFOOTBALLAPP can be their personal on-the-spot reporter.

A unique give-away

For you it represents the perfect give-away that will have your customers on the edge of their seats. And because the app can be tailored exactly to your house style, it will bear your recognizable signature. YOURFOOTBALLAPP will provide all the vital information about fixtures, results and match statistics in a convenient and handy form. Our passion for football coupled with our years of experience in App development ensure that everything works to perfection. You need have no worries on that score. A robust technical framework and an attractive appearance in your own house style make YOURFOOTBALLAPP the irresistible gadget for this year.


Nominated for “Best online promotional gift 2016”. Understandable, because this App promotes sporting solidarity. Your company will never have been so close to its business associates as during this European tournament.


Since the app can be downloaded easily from the App store, Google Play or the Windows Store, distribution is simplicity itself. You determine whether or not users need to input their email addresses in order to gain access to the app. Where email addresses are input, they are automatically forwarded on to you.

Social media play an important role in leveraging the power of YOURFOOTBALLAPP. Because users can share their results forecasts on social media (Facebook, Twitter) thereby automatically broadcasting their use of YOURFOOTBALLAPP, your reach on Facebook and Twitter will get a boost that will deliver long-term bene ts.

Make sure that you stay involved with your customers from the sidelines. YOURFOOTBALLAPP can send push messages before, during and after the tournament. You decide the content and when it should be delivered. The ultimate in interactive direct marketing.

The app provides an easy way to send vouchers to customers who earn them, perhaps for example based on match results. You determine the text and any accompanying photo or visual and send the voucher at a point you decide. The voucher will then appear to users within the app (possibly preceded by a push message). Once activated (swiped) the voucher will remain valid for a few minutes (e.g. for a discount or premium).